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  • Oh my did I spin this disc a lot in college. In my opinion, Prong remain a step above the typical metal/hard-core band of the 90’s. I remember reading a review of this disc that criticised the songwriting abilities of the band. I just don’t understand that. This disc is packed full of amazing guitar riffs. The cohesion among the three members is amazing. In fact, there are few albums I have ever heard that are tighter than this (listen to the guitar work on ‘Cut-rate’). Almost every track here has a memorable lick, hypnotic almost. So perhaps the person who doesn’t listen to this type of music is not bringing an appreciation for true talent in this genre to the table. Those of us who have waded thru one [bad] metal disc after another know talent when we hear it. I was hooked from the first punishing track to the last. Tell me this is not one of the best sounding albums you’ve ever heard in the genre? What do you expect with a producer like Terry Date?

    Posted on March 6, 2010