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  • When i first popped “clients” into my cd player a couple of weeks ago, i was immediately overwhelmed with a barrage of heavy pseudo breakdowns and extremely technical riffs, a trademark i expected from the red chord. But very quickly i realized that this album is much different than “fused together in revolving doors”, very different indeed, while at the same time maintaining their very distinct sound. Being an avid fan of “fused..”, i did not really get into to the album again until i saw them perform a lot of the new tracks, since then, the album has not left my cd player.
    The album does sound different than their first release, but it is a vey expected healthy progression for such a talented band. This album really displays their ability to play music as a group, all aspects of the music, the production, the vocals…everything is near perfection.This album is equally as good, if not better, than their first release. To me, this album shows that the red chord is a serious talent that has not yet reached their full potential, the complexity yet simplistic heaviness that simultaneously coincide will hit you like a jackhammer and take your breath away.It’s an utter barrage of pure organized metal chaos…and it’s beautiful. Very highly recommended!

    Posted on December 16, 2009