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Cliff 'Em All!

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  • With a Rick Rubin produced new album expected in 2007, the band s first in four years, Metallica churns the waters with its first-ever musicvideo retrospective. Featuring 21 videos and bonus features, spanning the album years 1989 to 2004, from And Justice For All to St. Anger, the collection showcases hard rock s greatest band. Ranked eighth on the list of the biggest selling groups in history, a


Cliff ’Em All, Metallica’s first video, is a tribute to late original bassist Cliff Burton. James Hetfield describes it as ”a compilation of bootleg footage shot by sneaky Metallifux, stuff shot for TV that was never used, but we’ve held onto, home footage, personal fotos and us drunk. But most important, it’s really a look back at the 3-1/2 years that Cliff was with us and includes his best bass solos and the home footage and pix that we feel best capture his unique personality and style.” 1987. 90 minutes.

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  • Thats how much I miss the old Metallica.If you love bass guitar then you must own this or else youre missing out on something great and even if youre not that interested in the bass guitar you will be after watching this.From his dramatic appearance to his virtuosic bass playing Cliff Burton was all about his own sense of style.Ive never heard anybody play the bass quite that good.Hell most guitarists these days dont pour half the heart and soul into their lead guitar playing than Cliff did with his bass playing.You must own this.Now.

    Posted on February 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I saw Cliff Burton live twice. What an amazing talent. Such a shame he died so young. Unlike most rockers who die before they reach the age of thirty, it wasn’t Cliff’s fault. He was asleep on his tour bus when it crashed in Europe. That said, this DVD shows the REAL Metallica. Not that watered down, Poplica that we have been putting up with since the god-awful Black album.I remember the old days. Those of us who wore our Metal up your … T-shirts to high school were a special group indeed. No one knew who Metallica were except for a select few. They were underground, dangerous, and played the most kick butt rock n roll ever heard.This DVD captures Metallica in all their glory with Cliff Burton, “The major rager on the four string mother ….” as introduced by Jaymz. Bass solos that will blister your ears, the greatest versions of ‘Seek and Destroy’ and ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls” you’ll ever hear, and Cliff footage showing Cliff at his humorous best. Did you know ZZ Top was a big influence of his?A lot of people complain that this DVD is no good because it’s mostly bootleg footage shot from the crowd. I disagree, the poor quality footage and ‘not so happening’ sound only enhances the Cliff legend. Back in the days when you didn’t know who Metallica was unless you bought an album or went to a show. They were against the establishment, against polished up MTV videos, and against everything that metal was that made itself a joke. Metallica was real and this was real, unmixed, raw footage. It’s the Metallica we remember and love, and will never see again.This is the only Metallica DVD worth buying in my opinion. It brings me back to high school parties when we were the bad dudes who dug Metallica.I was a junior in high school when Cliff died and we were all shocked and in disbelief. When reality hit, it was a sad time for us. Gone was metal’s most original bass player. Metallica wanted him so bad in the begining that they packed up and moved from LA to San Fran just to have him.Metallica was at it’s greatest when they had a bass player that wore bluejean bell-bottoms and a Misfits T-shirt. There are some who still remember Cliff and will never forget his impact on music. Like Randy Rhodes, we can only wonder and wish what might have happened if he was still here. For all the new fans who started listening to Metallica when “Enter Sandman’ was on MTV every 15 minutes, buy this DVD and get a true introduction to ‘old school’.R.I.P. Cliff, the true fans will never forget.

    Posted on February 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Some people have been complaining about the quality of this video. Something to keep in mind is that it’s got “Home Vid” in the title. The most recent of the footage was shot in 1987 with camcorders. Nearly all of the footage is from bootleg videos. Don’t expect a pristine, dolby surround sound experience. This is a video for true fans of Cliff Burton. Some of us didn’t get to see him while he was alive, so this is the next best thing we have. It’s just being released on DVD for people who have DVD players, not to show off the capabilities of the DVD format. For people who might just now be buying this video for the first time and not rebuying it (like myself), you might want to keep that in mind.

    Posted on February 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This DVD is RAW but this is definitely REAL! I was a senior at Castro Valley High in 1977. There was this shy, Quiet, long haired, red headed kid named Cliff Burton. He carried a Guitar case everywhere he went. I had no idea what an innovative musical bass master he was to become! His amazing talents are shown on this DVD, along with a personal side thats very cool! Dave Mustane also appears on some of the early show footage. We will never know what Cliff could have accomplished, due to his untimely and tragic passing. This DVD captures his and Metallica’s early greatness! I for one miss Cliff Burton! This is your chance to see a truely great Bassist and Metal Band live and behind the scenes.

    Posted on February 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “Cliff ‘Em All” is the ultimate tribute to Cliff Burton, former bass player of Metallica. This video consists of 90 minutes of Metallica concert footage from 1983 to 1986 (Keep in mind that all of this footage was shot on early ’80s VHS film, so the video and audio quality are extremely poor for DVD.) The video has been cleaned up somewhat from the VHS release of this title, but imperfections from the source tape are still easily recognizable. The audio is in mono, and isn’t of the best quality, but it does come across a tad cleaner with DVD. However, this is a must-buy for hardcore Metallica (and possibly even Megadeth – Dave Mustaine plays on a few songs) fans simply for the fact that it captures the early vengeance of live Metallica, and is the ultimate tribute to Cliff Burton. Don’t expect super hi-res picture quality or Dolby 5.1 surround; just expect raw, angry, intelligent heavy metal from the best rock band of all time.

    Posted on February 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now