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Cliff 'Em All!

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  • I saw Cliff Burton live twice. What an amazing talent. Such a shame he died so young. Unlike most rockers who die before they reach the age of thirty, it wasn’t Cliff’s fault. He was asleep on his tour bus when it crashed in Europe. That said, this DVD shows the REAL Metallica. Not that watered down, Poplica that we have been putting up with since the god-awful Black album.I remember the old days. Those of us who wore our Metal up your … T-shirts to high school were a special group indeed. No one knew who Metallica were except for a select few. They were underground, dangerous, and played the most kick butt rock n roll ever heard.This DVD captures Metallica in all their glory with Cliff Burton, “The major rager on the four string mother ….” as introduced by Jaymz. Bass solos that will blister your ears, the greatest versions of ‘Seek and Destroy’ and ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls” you’ll ever hear, and Cliff footage showing Cliff at his humorous best. Did you know ZZ Top was a big influence of his?A lot of people complain that this DVD is no good because it’s mostly bootleg footage shot from the crowd. I disagree, the poor quality footage and ‘not so happening’ sound only enhances the Cliff legend. Back in the days when you didn’t know who Metallica was unless you bought an album or went to a show. They were against the establishment, against polished up MTV videos, and against everything that metal was that made itself a joke. Metallica was real and this was real, unmixed, raw footage. It’s the Metallica we remember and love, and will never see again.This is the only Metallica DVD worth buying in my opinion. It brings me back to high school parties when we were the bad dudes who dug Metallica.I was a junior in high school when Cliff died and we were all shocked and in disbelief. When reality hit, it was a sad time for us. Gone was metal’s most original bass player. Metallica wanted him so bad in the begining that they packed up and moved from LA to San Fran just to have him.Metallica was at it’s greatest when they had a bass player that wore bluejean bell-bottoms and a Misfits T-shirt. There are some who still remember Cliff and will never forget his impact on music. Like Randy Rhodes, we can only wonder and wish what might have happened if he was still here. For all the new fans who started listening to Metallica when “Enter Sandman’ was on MTV every 15 minutes, buy this DVD and get a true introduction to ‘old school’.R.I.P. Cliff, the true fans will never forget.

    Posted on February 20, 2010