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Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll

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  • Nazareth never gets the credit they deserve anymore. About 20 years ago, if you had asked me what bands I believe will be remembered strongly 20 years later, I probably would have said Nazareth. Seriously, they deserve their spot in rock ‘n roll history the same way Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy have been given their fair share of credit.

    It’s like “Hair of the Dog” and “Love Hurts” are the ONLY things people wanna associate with Nazareth anymore! That’s absolutely INSANE!

    This is a band that made *albums* worth of consistently great material. Whether you wanna call it pop rock, pop metal, or what have you- the fact remains Nazareth were, at least throughout the 70’s, GREAT songwriters. I’d take this band over KISS for example ANY day.

    Anyway, with the mid 70’s approaching, the sound of Nazareth has begun to change, but only slightly. The great songwriting has remained, the distinctive voice of the lead singer is still firmly intact, and the albums are still fantastic from start to finish.

    “Telegram” seriously sounds like a MAJOR influence to the upcoming 80’s glam metal scene. I can’t believe this song came out in the mid 70’s. The one thing that immediately separates it from your typical metal tune is the build-up in great lyrics and bass guitar. “F.M station soundin’ good, and gettin’ better every mile”. That’s a great line. Too bad radio stinks these days, har har.

    “Homesick Again” is most noticeable for that fantastic verse melody. I absolutely LOVE it. “Vancouver Shakedown” has a really good bluesy feel to it, and what enhances the experience are, again, the catchy and exciting vocal melody. “Carry Out Feelings” is a nice pop song with a chorus that actually came to me out of nowhere in the shower a couple weeks ago.

    I just wish Nazareth was considered one of the best rock bands of the 70’s.

    Posted on February 28, 2010