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Close to a World Below

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  • As a music fan that varies his listening from time to time, I often search for new types of music. I just happened upon this selection and found it to be anything that you could want in the way of a brutally loud album. As I put this CD in to listen, I heard those soon-to-be-famous opening words that said “didn’t you say that Jesus was coming?”, and thought to myself: “how much better could this get?” But I was soon silenced by the brutal attack of the drums on Higher Coward, where it seems to sound more like machine-gun fire, rather than drumming. The rest of the album is so awesome, it’s scary. The guitars sound perfect to be complimenting the vocals and the drum and bass fit together like a puzzle, completing one of the heaviest and all-out brutal albums of all time. I gave this album five stars because the production couldn’t be better (it has a heavy bass sound without sacrificing high-end eq), the vocals are understandable (and stand out from the instruments), the guitar-work is heavy (a distorted high-gain sound), and the rhythm section is quite astonishing (great use of the bass by Ross Dolan (their singer also) and Alex Hernandez has got to be the only one of his kind when it comes to who can drum the loudest/fastest). In other words, i give this album a high rating, not because I liked it, but because it is surprising to see such creativity bled into music. You can actually tell that these people tried to make a noticable album, not just another “here’s what I can do”. Get this album if you’re interested in this type of music.

    Posted on March 7, 2010