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  • and indeed everything did go…sort of. though later it would be realized that at least one more track hadn’t been used (“baby come on home”, included on the second zep box set in 93), this album does an admirable job of sating fans thirst for zeppelin one last time. i personally think they could have made the album better by including “hey hey what can i do” and “travelling riverside blues” on it, but that’s not for me to decide. at least those tracks were made available later. anyway, on to the matter at hand. this album lacks the cohesiveness of a zep album proper, but given that the songs were collected from a 12 year span, this is to be expected. “ozone baby” is the standout here, to me anyway. jonesy’s bass really anchors this song. plant’s vocals are a thing of beauty here, and page’s guitar rocks out fifties style only better. “wearing and tearing” must’ve been their attempt to sound punk. it doesn’t sound punk, but that’s okay with me. “we’re gonna groove” cooks, “poor tom” would’ve been better on “III” than “hats off to (roy) harper”, and “walter’s walk” is pretty decent. i never cared for “darlene” too much, or for “i can’t quit you baby.” and the drum solo “bonzo’s montreux” is good for at least a couple of listens, but the lack of accompaniment makes it get old after that. a good lp to round out the collection but you don’t want to start here.

    Posted on February 13, 2010