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  • I actually got 13 Ways to Bleed first, and then came back and got the debut album. Both albums are just incredible. This album starts off hard with a pair of very angry and very aggressive songs, “Go Away” and “Give”. Then the album has an abrupt change of pace with “Ugly”. “Ugly” is simply one of the most amazing songs ever written. It has a very soft, slow ballad feel to the music and the lyrics are quite pointed. While every song on this CD is great, the standouts other standouts are “Insane” and “Goodbye Cruel World”. Scooter Ward has a captivating voice, very dark and melodic. He knows when to sing and he knows when to scream. The drums and bass are simply amazing; Sam and Jeremy pair up for one of the most incredible rhythm sections ever. The guitar is sharp and catchy. The album is just not normal, and that’s a great thing. The band is very heavily into distortion here, and that’s not a bad thing. They use it well. The music here is very genuine and the lyrics have this amazing ability to be quite meaningful and deep, without being pretentious. They know how to maintain a level of simplicity to allows an abrasive sound actually come across as quite beautiful. It’s a very dark, very heavy, very melodic, very beautiful album. I think if you’ve ever wondered what The Cure or Depeche Mode would sound like if they were brutally hard rock, this is it. And it’s amazing.

    Posted on January 1, 2010