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  • I’m usually more into technical chaotic stuff like death and black metal and I really have a strong hate for the mindless “music” of KoRnY, Gimp Bizquick, and Kid Rock and the pontificate attitudes that go along with it. BUT I must give Fred Durst some credit though, he does at least know some good music when he hears it, the signing of Cold is proof of this. This music isn’t the most technical you’ll ever hear, but they sure can hold their own on their instruments. Scoot Ward’s lyrics do get a bit repetitious, but also have a disturbing quality that I find very appealing. Every song on this album is very passionate in a paranoid and depressing kind of way. There have been many nights that I’ve spent in the dark listening to this album. Definitely not recommended for happy people. If you like Radiohead’s “O.K. Computer” or Staind’s “Dysfunction”, this album will probably sit well in your cd collection.

    Posted on January 2, 2010