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  • Even though later Cold albums like Year of the Spider and 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage would make them famous (with hits like Stupid Girl and No One). It was their 1st cd that made them known and got the bands heavy onslaught of metal music going. This album may not be the better of the rest but it is just as good. On selftitled Cold play the dark moody sound we all love but no light ever shines in, 11 tracks of depression and rage stay throughout. Songs like the fabolous Serial Killer and Insane have got to be the most angry and brutal songs Cold’s ever put on an album, well Go away and Give are the fastest hard hitting tones that can have your heads banging till they fall off. If your a die hard fan of metal and Cold then you should have this cd in your collection. But if you don’t like the different kind of early creepy sound it brings to the band, then don’t … buy it. But otherwise a very impressive theraputic debut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on January 2, 2010