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  • Compared to 13 Ways, Colds self titled debut is very dark and gloomy. Songs like Give, Just Go, and especially Insane and Superstar are songs you want to slit your wrists too. Dark distortion is used on the heavy songs and the acoustic numbers give off a creepy feeling that your spying on the band in when they’re releasing their pent up emotions. Ugly and Superstar are both very haunting ballads that ebb depression. I’d like to note that Stainds Outside might as well be considered a cover of Ugly, they’re that similar. This album has a lot of grunge influences, especially in the songs Give and Insane. Lyrically S/T is a bit better than 13 Ways, like most debut albums the band has released a lot of the rage and sadness they had in them. Goodbye Cruel World is a fast song with disturbing lyrics and The Switch has great guitars in it. If you liked Cold’s 13 Ways To Bleed at all definatly pick up this gem the next chance you get.

    Posted on January 2, 2010