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    Thank you for reading my review.

    Well as a huge fan of Buckethead this cd when it first came out really showed me how universally talented Mr. Brian “BUCKETHEAD” Carroll is. When my ears first heard this cd my mind was shocked that it was Buckethead. “Colma” did not sound like Buckethead’s musical style, on my first spins, and had to literally think and ask myself is the same guy? For instance if you take his follow up album “Monsters & Robots” and listen to this “COLMA” cd you will think it is not the same guy.

    Some people may have to give this cd a few spins before they get it, but when they get it(if they get it), look out for it will get a lot of ware. This cd is in my opinion the best post modern acoustic/semi-acoustic instrumental album out there. Just a beautifully romantic and yet somehow very bizarre album. This cd is an instrumental brilliance that only bucket could of made. Buckethead really pushed his music to new boundaries on this one.

    From the following 13 songs only maybe 3 of them, in my opinion, are mediocre while the rest are really good solid songs and some are some of his best work ever:
    1. Whitewash 9/10
    2. For Mom 11/10 LOVE THIS SONG!
    3. Ghost 8/10
    4. Hills of Eternity 8/10
    5. Big Sur Moon 12/10 a masterpiece esp live version!!
    6. Machete 12/10 awesome pushing the boundries song!
    7. Wishing Well 8/10
    8. Lone Sal Bug 7/10
    9. Sanctum 7.5/10
    10. Wondering 7.5/10
    11. Watching the Boats With My Dad 7/10
    12. Ghost (Pt. 2) 7/10
    13. Colma 8/10 I hate this song but it is still good and scary!

    Out of the 13 songs these 3 songs are must listens:
    2. For Mom
    5. Big Sur Moon
    6. Machete

    These 3 songs in my personal opinion are some of the best guitar work from Buckethead’s young musical career. “For Mom” is a beautiful song that will get plenty of repeats and it a simple song to play and it is just an amazing song. Song #5. “Big Sur Moon” is one of the best songs ever written in regards to instrumental music. This song has some very powerful hand tapping techniques that are reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”, but in an ambient moody way. This song Buckethead almost always plays live and the live version is even better! “Big Sur Moon” is just an out of this world instrumtal masterpiece & the only problem with it is that it is too short. Song #6 “Machete” is hard to describe but just mindboggling and fits perfect hearing this right after “Big Sur Moon” it just wonderful the way the dj beats, the drumming of Brain, the bass of Bill Laswell and the guitar frenzy of Buckethead made this song such a brilliant song that pushed new boundaries into a musical journey of pure instrumental genius.

    This is an acoustic/semi-acoustic album, but believe me it is all that. Yes, it may take you a few listens to get it but trust me this is one of the best instrumental albums ever made. A definitve masterpiece in the instrumental guitar genre. My advice to you is:



    Posted on December 19, 2009