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  • This shows yet another aspect of Buckethead that many people seem willing to ignore or be surprised by. If one has followed Buckethead from the early Praxis days, he or she should know that Buckethead is as capable of playing heartrending lyrical solos as well as his famous jaw-dropping over-the-top, rip-your-face-off shred licks. The compositions here are all first-rate, it seems to be the arrangements and the treatment in production that’s a little inconsistent here and there. It definitely could have used a little more shifts in tempo, variety of drum textures, and overall dynamics. Still, the tunes are wisftul, pretty, trance-like, and melodic without being melancholic. The playing is superb as you may expect from Buckethead, but next time, it’d be great if he would spice up the arrangements with more steel-string colors and less echo on his sound. These minor complaints aside, I’d heartily recommend this album to newcomers and Buckethead fans who have not yet added this album to their collection. It’s not the definitive Buckethead album, but it sheds light on another aspect of Buckethead that shows he is a lot more than a shredder. My “true” rating for this album would be 4.5 stars. But since .5 would be rounded off to the higher number it gets a 5. Colma 2 should be really interesting. I understand it’s in the works and that we should be seeing it fairly soon.

    Posted on December 20, 2009