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  • Ratings on Amazon tend to be inflated; I guess people typically review what they are interested in (and hence usually like). But I had never listened to In Flames before this album. I can’t think of anything to compare it to. The music is extremely heavy, yet melodic and uplifting. Production is very clear, and the songs are varied and distinct. Fun to listen to, and very high-energy. It may not satisfy death metal purists (not evil-sounding) but forget categories, this is good stuff . I imagine it could be popular if the band got more exposure. The only weak point is the lyrics; although the subject of the songs is worthy they are a bit weird; you can tell they don’t speak English too well. But with their sound, who cares.

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  • “Colony” just like all the previous releases from In Flames is a masterpiece. Since their earlier works, In Flames has developed a unique sound that places them in a heavy metal category of their own. A style of metal, may I add, that perfectly combines melody to the rhythm that normally defines Death or Heavy Metal in general, therefore you have the term Melodic Death metal which I like to use.Compared to their first two albums “Whoracle” and “Colony” do emphasize more on melody, the latter less than the former. However you don’t have to worry, the combination of melody with rhythm os just perfect. I would recommend “Lunar Strain” or “The Jester Race” if you are more into death metal like many american metalheads are. This album opens with the amazing “Embody The Invisible”. A really strong track that In Flames opens their concerts with often. It is song that really kicks ass. I go insane everytime I hear it. “Ordinary Story” is by far the most famous track in this album. One of my favourite songs here. It starts with this drum beat and the riff kicks in. Amazing song. It is the song I play for those who have not heard In Flames before, so I agree with the band that it is the best song for a video in this album. Another favourite of mine is the title track “Colony”. The riffs are just amazing. I don’t understand how this band manages to keep such a low profile in america. They are thousands of times better than any american band that is making it big in the states. “Zombie Inc.” and “Coerced Coexistence” deserve special mention too because of the intensity and raw emotion I get when listening to them. I love this album too much. Even though it is not my In Flames favourite. But I love them all. In Flames is definitely one of the best bands in the world.The album also contains a remake of their song “Behind Space” which is a timeless classic in this area of metal. “Cololny” however did not need it to be a strong album unlike many bands that need to remake their more famous songs in order to remain famous. In Flames is an amazing band and I urge you to at least try their music out because I know you will love this band afterwards. A true gift from the heavens.

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  • Fantastic! What else words can describe this total masterpiece? The last work of these swedish metallers who created the new movement of “power-death metal” some years ago with a little disc called “Lunar Strain” is simply the essence of aggressive melody. The opener “Embody the Invisible” make you to bang your head ’til destruction, while the wonderful “Ordinary Story”, for which In Flames recorded a videoclip, is a magic experimental song, where Anders Friden tests his beautiful clean voice. Passing by “Scorn” (great the filter effects on screamy voice!), ’til another masterpiece, the title track “Colony”, where they also use an Hammond organ during the introduction creating a strange but wonderful Black Deep Purple effect. Zombie Inc. is another fantastic song, my favourite on this album!Ok, I think it’s useless to write a report of the eleven songs contained in the CD, I can just say that if you like melodic music, but you also appreciate classic black metal vocals (why somebody tells Anders Friden has death voice???), well, you’ve found your group…allright, what the hell are you waiting for? BUY IT

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  • This was my first In Flames album, and it remains second only to The Jester Race as my favorite album by this talented Swedish band. I don’t think there’s a single bad track on it, but “Ordinary Story” is the one that gets most of my attention. It has very poignant lyrics, which are delivered flawlessly over some great guitar work. I’ll be riding in my truck with other people and be playing In Flames. These folks are typically unaware of the band’s existence; typically, they’re nu-metal or 1991-onward Metallica buffs, and they ask me, “what the hell do you see in these guys? This all sounds like noise.” For those types, In Flames is an inexplicable musical experience. Even for myself, they were more of an acquired taste. But listening to albums like this makes one realize that nu-metal is repetitive and bland, and melodic music like that of In Flames is where true talent lies. The sound isn’t for everyone, as the Gothenborg sound can be overwhelming to ‘easy listening’ (like Metallica’s ReLoad) fans. But if you can see the excellence that lies beneath the gruff sound of the guitars, the overpowering precision of the drums, and the raspy vocals, then you’re going to love Colony.

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  • IN FLAMES – Colony
    In the Swedish market place there are countless great melodic-death acts, In Flames is no exception. Colony, to me, is really the obvious progression after their last release, taking the melody one step further with this album… but under NO Circumstances selling-out. It’s called progression folks… I also love their older works. [Jester's Race is likely my favorite IF album.]

    From the opening track of `Embody the Invisible’ onwards the listener is captivated by their ability to mix pure brutality and melody. Luckily this does not let up… every song is equally amazing. They also re-did, one of my favorite songs, Behind Space (Which was originally off Lunar Strain) with Anders on the Vocals.
    Bjorn and Jesper are one of the best guitar duo’s that have ever graced the Metal World. Peter’s Bass is low and rumbling and provides a great back drop for the guitars. Daniel’s Drumming is perfectly calculated… he is able to use simplistic (yet by no means do I mean Simple) drumming styles and always seems to add the right touch to the songs. Then of course you have Anders, whose voice (Prior to this point in their career.) sounds better than ever.
    [Also after seeing the band live the other night I could not believe how good of a Vocalist he really is... Amazing!]

    No matter what your feelings are of newer In Flames, Colony is an amazing album which is highly recommended for any fans of Melodic Death. It is probably the best of the `old vs. new’ In Flames war. Also make sure to check out their previous work, Jester’s Race, and Whoracle. After these albums came Clayman, (Also great.) Reroute to Remain, (Different but good.) Soundtrack to Your Escape, (Less a few good songs it is easily their weakest.) and also their Latest, Come Clarity (Which is there best since the Colony/Clayman days)

    Favorite Songs: Behind Space 99, Embody the Invisible, Insipid 2000, and Zombie Inc.
    -5 Stars

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    Posted on December 31, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now