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  • This was my first In Flames album, and it remains second only to The Jester Race as my favorite album by this talented Swedish band. I don’t think there’s a single bad track on it, but “Ordinary Story” is the one that gets most of my attention. It has very poignant lyrics, which are delivered flawlessly over some great guitar work. I’ll be riding in my truck with other people and be playing In Flames. These folks are typically unaware of the band’s existence; typically, they’re nu-metal or 1991-onward Metallica buffs, and they ask me, “what the hell do you see in these guys? This all sounds like noise.” For those types, In Flames is an inexplicable musical experience. Even for myself, they were more of an acquired taste. But listening to albums like this makes one realize that nu-metal is repetitive and bland, and melodic music like that of In Flames is where true talent lies. The sound isn’t for everyone, as the Gothenborg sound can be overwhelming to ‘easy listening’ (like Metallica’s ReLoad) fans. But if you can see the excellence that lies beneath the gruff sound of the guitars, the overpowering precision of the drums, and the raspy vocals, then you’re going to love Colony.

    Posted on December 31, 2009