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  • Fantastic! What else words can describe this total masterpiece? The last work of these swedish metallers who created the new movement of “power-death metal” some years ago with a little disc called “Lunar Strain” is simply the essence of aggressive melody. The opener “Embody the Invisible” make you to bang your head ’til destruction, while the wonderful “Ordinary Story”, for which In Flames recorded a videoclip, is a magic experimental song, where Anders Friden tests his beautiful clean voice. Passing by “Scorn” (great the filter effects on screamy voice!), ’til another masterpiece, the title track “Colony”, where they also use an Hammond organ during the introduction creating a strange but wonderful Black Deep Purple effect. Zombie Inc. is another fantastic song, my favourite on this album!Ok, I think it’s useless to write a report of the eleven songs contained in the CD, I can just say that if you like melodic music, but you also appreciate classic black metal vocals (why somebody tells Anders Friden has death voice???), well, you’ve found your group…allright, what the hell are you waiting for? BUY IT

    Posted on December 31, 2009