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Colors Live

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  • I just finished watching the Live DVD of this set (I have not listened to the audio only cd yet). I’ll keep this short. If you want to see BTBAM in a professionally shot, great looking and sounding (though not in Dolby or DTS format unfortunately) live performance than this is it. I knew they were good and awesomely talented, but watching them pull off the entire Colors album with perfection, WITHOUT ANY BREAKS!!!, is amazing to see and hear. This is definately a must have because it’s rare to see a group of people this talented play together. The only gripe I have, and this is small and many live concert dvds are guilty of this, and that is whenever there is a solo fill or some music section by a particular musician like say some really cool drum fill that’d you’d love to see Blake play, they will keep the camera on the vocalist or be panning across the stage. Maybe it’s just because I’m a musician too but I like to see the player up close when they’re doing something out of the ordinary. But don’t get me wrong, they get up close on the guitar necks a lot so you can watch them blaze thru solos, and you get to see plenty of drums getting torn up, and the bass of course sounds great. Viridian sound beautiful. Anywho, I said I’d keep it short and I didn’t Just BUY IT!

    Posted on December 22, 2009