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Colors Live

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  • This CD/DVD combo is absolutely out of control. The band plays literally flawlessly, first with the 65-minute set that is Colors, without a break and without ever missing a beat. Fatigue seems to be no obstacle to this band whose supremely talented musicianship and superb songwriting reached new heights in 2007 with Colors, as they plow on seemingly unaware of how long they’ve been going and that they should be worn out at all.

    This band doesn’t have a single weakness. Dan Brigg’s bass provides the perfect foundation with enough variety to be interesting at all times, and he’s an energetic performer. Blake Richardson seamlessly flows between blastbeats and truly original rhythmic expression. His lack of fatigue at the end of the performance is the most physically impressive, and his writing is interesting by any drummers’ standards. Dustie Waring is a phenomenal backup guitarist, certainly talented and proficient enough to lead any other given band, and he doesn’t disappoint here, although he’s a bit subdued onstage. Tommy Rogers commands the stage like a devilish conductor, bending the audience to his will as he belts out his powerful growled lyrics – but it’s his clean singing onstage that really impresses, and the seamlessness of the transition from one to the other that’s truly amazing. And the lyrics – “This is all we have / When we die” – send chills up the spine. Then there’s Paul Waggonner, who’s very possibly the best guitarist of our day.

    And what they’re playing is on the level of the players. Colors is a pounding, crushing, beautiful, epic piece, a 65-minute song start to finish that is ultimately thrilling. And the second set is pretty hot too, starting off with the classic Mordecai and running through other older stuff – the best of which includes Backwards Marathon, Ad A Dglgmut, and of course the impossible-to-ignore Selkies. If you haven’t heard the solo from Selkies by now, take note. It’s as life-changing as listening to a guitar part can possibly get.

    And the production quality is near-perfect. The mixing’s great, the sound quality is great, the video is crystal. With a few different camera angles (to highlight a few specific parts being played) it would have been perfect.

    At 13 dollars? This is highway robbery. We should have to beg to only pay that much. At twice that price we’d still be getting a good deal. There’s never been a more impressive metal performance, hands down. And it’ll be interesting to see where they go now.

    Between The Buried and Me – you will be remembered for this, is right.

    Posted on December 23, 2009