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  • I have to say that this album is the perfect album. Like the Beatles White Album, and Metallica’s Black Album. We now get the greatest album of them all BTBAM “colors.” Every single song on this album is amazing, and very well put together. I have been listening to BTBAM since Silent Circus, and it seems to me that instead of them becoming more “flowery,” (as someone put on a recent review of the album) I am finding them becoming something more imaginable, intelligent, and put simply just amazing artist. I am stunned by this album, and I can not stop playing it. To give this album anything less than a five is shocking to me. You have to listen to it and understand it’s pure genius. I recommend this album to anyone who respects music, and loves music from a progressive stance. Music is meant to evolve, not sit around like a bunch of retards like some of the most recent songs I hear today. SO give it a shot it’s awesome.

    Posted on November 11, 2009