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  • Between The Buried And Me shocked the whole metal scene when in 2005 they released their monster of an album “Alaska”, two years later, these giants of the prog metal genre are back again.

    The record starts off with a gentle piano intro where Tommy sings very nicely, this then leads on to a series of appregios played on the keyboards just to give us a taste of what the record will be like. This then leads on flawlessly to the second part of “Foam Born” which is undoubtedly one of the heaviest tracks on the record. Here BTBAM show off their winning formula of controlled grindcore and 5/4 time signatures.

    We then move into “Informal Gluttony” which sets off with an egyptian style guitar lead followed by unusual time signatures to end up in a giant sung chorus of epic proportions.

    Then the drums bring us into the “Sun Of Nothing” with some amazing clean vocal parts where Tommy’s deep lyrics reflect the freedom of “floating away”

    Without a hint of stopping, BTBAM then launch into “Ants of The Sky” which sets off with an appregio and a thrash metal influenced riff. They then put their signature all over the song for another good 6 minutes before launching into an absolutely stellar sung bridge. The song then ends with a country riff where we can hear sounds very similar to those heard in bars.

    Once again with no break, the band pummels into “prequel To The Sequel” with its unusual major key signature riff. Once again, heavy grindcore riffs and odd time signatures follow to end with one of the most epic breakdowns ever written where the guitarist from Fear Before The March Of Flames comes in for guest vocals which only increases the beauty of this song.

    After all the relentless riffing, BTBAM allow themselves a pause with “Viridian” where Dan the bass player plays one of the most amazing bass solos ever recorded.

    The final track then comes into scene “White Walls”, undoubtedly the best track every written by BTBAM, the whole song is just an amazing mix of all the best riffs that they have ever written. We are then brought to a superb part where Tommy sings extremely well backed up by the whole band, this then blends into the most ferocious breakdown on the record where Tommy screams “We will be remembered for this”. The song then goes on and the record ends on The most amazing outro I have ever heard with an incredible melody and appregios faster than even Herman Li could muster.

    Overall this is an incredible record that will please all metal fans as well as simple Music fans.

    Pierre Schifflers

    Posted on November 11, 2009