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Coma of Souls

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  • I am the biggest Kreator’s fan on earth… yes, I am and you are not! I had the priviledge to meet Mille Petrozza 2 years ago and let me tell you that he is a terrific guy. So now I not only respect him as a musician but as a person as well.

    About this record… It has it all: violence, brutallity, melody, heavy riffs, rawness, attitude and Hate. Yes, Hate! I would dare to say that what really makes this band is the “hate” that they proyect. They hate you, me, themselves, the album’s producer, the sound engineer, etc… I mean, you can feel the hate that Mille Petrozza feels for the world on every song.

    The first time I heard “When the sun burns red” I was totally amazed by the force of this song… it’s just incredible! The rest of the songs are really good. Now, I have to point out that “People of the lie” really stands out from the rest of the songs. Great message by the way!

    The only flaw (in my opinion) is that the last 2 songs are somehow weaker than the rest… I read an interview that Mille gave to a magazine (on the net) and he accepted that on this CD there are a couple of fillers. I will not call these songs “fillers”, but they are not as good as the rest.

    Overall My rate will be 8.5 out of 10. This is pure trash metal!

    Go and Buy it.. you wont regret it.

    Posted on January 2, 2010