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Coma of Souls

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  • COME ON!…this is a CLASSIC, it saw them slowing down the tempo a BIT, not too much, this is their last “classic” album to me, I like some of the others after, but none touch this, the first track “When The Sun Burns Red” will remind you of “Extreme Aggression” the album, not the track, “Coma of Souls” is probably my favorite off the album, just listen to the riffs, they rule huh?, “People of the Lie” is more of a mid-paced number, but it’s catchy as hell, sure to be a pleaser, another killer song is “Terror Zone” that song just kills all, the rest on the album are good, but I think I’ve mentioned the best of it, the vocals are piped down a bit, but they’re still nasty as hell, just not as nasty as on “Extreme Aggression”, any Metal fan shouldn’t be dissappointed with this release, it’s a great CD, last album for the “classic” Kreator, do yourself a favor, and buy it, THRASH!!!

    Posted on January 3, 2010