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Come Clarity

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The ever mysterious and amazingly talented guitarist and theme park manager Buckethead has opened the doors to his famed Bucketheadland once again, and this time he has asked his friends to help him provide the thrills and chills to his guests. Produced by Serj Tankian of System of a Down, the reissue of Enter the Chicken, the latest and greatest musical attraction at Bucketheadland, is set to take riders abroad beginning April 8th. Complete with brand new bonus track Shen Chi, Enter the Chicken is ready to take listeners on another sonic loop. Also on board are the vocal performances from many of today’s brightest musical talents including Saul Williams, Efrem Schulz (Death By Stereo), Maura Davis, Azam Ali (300 Soundtrack) and Serj Tankian himself. These artists as well as the others that are featured on the album were hand picked by Tankian and Buckethead to ensure that each song takes the listener on a unique musical voyage. The 12-track adventure is filled with sonic twists and turns that will leave listener’s ears delighted and their mouths overflowing with enthusiastic comments.

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  • Around 2000, when their fifth full length (“Clayman”) was released, the highly influential Gothenburg melodic death masters known as In Flames did something daring: they experimented with their sound. Keyboards and clean vocals were introduced to the mix, thus making the band’s music more melodic and also more radio friendly. Plus, subsequent albums (like 2004’s “Soundtrack to Your Escape”) sounded downright simplified and commercialized to some fans. While this new sound attracted some newcomers, most In Flames diehards yearned for a return to form. Well, the band obviously heard those cries, because their new album, “Come Clarity,” is easily their best and heaviest album of the past several years. The aggressive riffs, raging vocals, pounding rhythms, and a few of the guitar solos (i.e. in “Leeches”) return, as do the Maiden-esque guitar licks and catchy songs.

    The album begins “Take This Life,” which is bursting at the seems with fast drumming and fiery riffs. “Scream” is an appropriately named track, because frontman Anders Friden screams in a very angry tone throughout, while the guitarists (Bjorn Gelotte and Jesper Stromblad) provide suitable back-up propulsion. The walloping “Pacing Death’s Trail,” “Crawl Through Knives,” the scorching “Versus Terminus,” and the pounding “Vanishing Light” are a few other brutal tracks.

    But, even though “Come Clarity” is a return to form for In Flames, they haven’t completely abandoned their new musical touches (much of this album balances heavy stuff with delicate melody.) Some of the keyboards and clean singing are still in tact, here, and tracks like “Reflect the Storm” even have dreary, sing-along choruses. Plus, songs like “Dead End” (which features Lacuna Coil-esque female vocals) and the title track (which begins with acoustic picking, but gradually becomes heavier) have heavy rhythms, but the clean singing makes them have a melodic and somewhat pretty edge. Lastly, the album closer, “Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone,” is very ambient; part of it is occupied by spacey, cool piano playing and distant sound effects.

    This record still doesn’t top my personal favorite In Flames record, “Jester Race,” but “Come Clarity” is still a very good album. It should please both old and new fans (so if you like this band, get this album!), and it’s an early candidate for album of the year.

    Posted on March 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dylan, 18, Australia

    I first heard of this band from a friend who was always talking about them, so i finally came to listening to them 2 months ago and i was amazed. About 2 years ago i wouldn’t go near a cd that had any screaming or shouting at all [ex. Slipknot [what?? they are a good band] who got me into metal] then i heard this album and it comletely changed my perspective.[With help from my favorite band TRIVIUM [To all the haters f. uc. k off they're awesome]. Anyway to the songs:

    Take this Life – If you like this chances are you’ll love this album. 10/10

    Leeches – Don’t know about this one the drums/synths seem to override the singing. 8/10

    Reflect the Storm – I love everything about this song. Awesome vocals by Anders on this. 9/10

    Dead End – Ummm… first time i heard this i was a bit sceptical..womens vocals in metal???. But when Anders comes in it blew me away and i have to listen to it again!!! Awesome lyrics 3rd best song on album. 10/10

    Scream – Definitely the Heaviest on album. I prefer their earlier stuff when it comes to heaviness. Doesn’t work for me but still good. 6/10

    Come Clarity – The second song that blew me away. I was expecting a full acoustic song you have to hear this song if you like Reroute/STYE. Only thing that bugs me is the chorus, kinda repeatative but still 10/10

    Vacuum – Great song. Great Vocals. Great Drums. Great Guitars. 2nd Favorite song on album. 10/10

    Pacing Deaths Trail – Clayman, Colony Fans will love this song I did. 9/10

    Crawl Through Knives – My favourite song. Everything is Awesome and it is so catchy. 10/10

    Versus Terminus – See Reflect the Storm. Awesome and Catchy. 9/10

    Our Infinite Struggle – I didn’t really get into this song but its still pretty good. 7/10

    Vanishing Light – Love this song much like crawl through knives. Awesome lyrics. 10/10

    Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone – Instrumental. I thought. Very calming actually. Bedtime Story??? Wow Another surprise from this song. I love it!!! 10/10

    Overall great album 9.5/10

    If you are a true In Flames fan grab this.
    If you only like them up to Clayman grab this.
    If you like their latest works only grab this.
    If you have never heard of In Flames before grab this.

    I don’t know why people don’t like they’re last two works, Reroute and STYE….yeah, so they’re not as good but they are still 5 star albums. If you liked Clayman or Colony better Come Clarity would be more suited to you. If you no longer like the new albums including this one, perhaps it’s time you stopped listening and find a new band to listen to [at least until they change their sound like in flames did]


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  • Well here we are. The 8th studio album from the highly acclaimed Melodic Death metal band, In Flames is out. However as most fans agree, the last two albums have been somewhat disappointing. Especially Soundtrack To Your Escape, with the lack of proper solos and Anders screaming vocals, to name a few problems. (Some have even gone so far to call them nu-metal, which is absolutely absurd, because nu-metal isn’t even real metal – it’s alternative metal with hip-hop/rap influences). So In Flames have brought a new album out, with “more guitar solos” and is “more upbeat.” But the question still remains…are they the old In Flames, or the new? To be honest they’ve sort of combined the two sounds, as Anders described this album as a `best of In Flames.’

    They are some strong moments in the album but also some weak. Firstly, when I think of the older In Flames, I think of well-constructed, highly melodic songs, such as Colony, Jotun, etc. Basically everything from the Jester Race to the Clayman era. These new songs don’t really sound like that anymore. The harmonics between the guitars are not so strong, and don’t interlock in a decent melody to remind me of the `Food for the Gods’ music. On the whole the songs in the past were more epic, majestic and out of this world. Come Clarity presents a little more modernized songs. Secondly Anders voice hasn’t really improved since STYE. It’s not a proper death growl, unlike the other albums. It’s more like a constrained scream. I’m not saying death screams aren’t good, but they don’t fit with In Flames’ style. For example, Alexi Laiho has a high-pitched GROWL that goes well with Children of Bodom’s music but Anders’ SCREAM is too forced. Thirdly, some of the drumming gets out of control. Instead of the old blast beats, it’s just a pounding overlay of noise. This can be felt most prominently in “Take this life”, which also features Anders appalling screams. However a great solo slightly redeems the song.

    Don’t worry though. There are plenty of good aspects in the album: I’m only fussy because I’m a huge fan of their older stuff, and people who like both new and old, tend to agree their older material is more superficial and easily surpasses RTR and STYE. “Leeches” is a monster of a track. Only 2.55 minutes long, it bursts with energy the whole way through, including the 38-second solo. In has almost an Industrial sound to it, and a very catchy beat. “Reflect the storm” has the old In Flames classic style (albeit Anders voice).

    Another good thing is that Anders clean vocals have definitely improved. On STYE his voice sounded strangled, but they are much better now. “Come Clarity” is a shocker. It sounds nothing like a melodic death metal song, but a slow but heavy power metal song. There is beautiful clean vocals, with Anders singing “I want you to lead me, take me somewhere, just don’t want to live, in a dream one more day.” This could hardly be called a `melodic DEATH metal song.’ Especially with the lyrics.

    “Pacing Death’s Trail” has a very catchy beat, and is exactly like the old In Flames, lyrics, music, drumming and everything. Anders voice goes pretty well with this song.

    “Crawl through knives”, “Vacuum” “Versus Terminus” and “Our Infinite Struggle” all have `death growls/(screams)’ for the verses but clean singing for their chorus.

    An interesting song is “Dead End” which features the female vocals of Lisa Miskovsky. It fits rather well with the music, and chorus (clean singing by Anders), and contrasts vividly with the death screams.

    A song to be wary of is “Scream.” This is rubbish for In Flames’ standards. In fact a mediocre band should be ashamed of producing such nonsense. Basically as far as the music goes think: Linkin Park. A cruel comparison, but when hearing the chorus it’s exactly what it sounds like. Obviously it’s a lot heavier, but it’s just an embarrassment. The lyrics go like “I say scream, you scream. Scream, we scream but no one listens”, with Anders literally screaming the words. Gah. Avoid at all costs. The song isn’t even structured well; it’s boring and annoying.

    “Your bedtime story is scaring everyone” is a slow atmospheric long song to close the album. It’s slightly pointless though. You get 3.45 minutes of scuffling noises, with a chord here and there, then Anders voice suddenly booms out and ends at 4.30 leaving some more scuffling noises.

    In a nutshell: Anders clean singing voice is great; his growling is no longer a proper growl but a bark; Jesper and Bjorn play well, but they don’t harmonise enough (except for a few old-sounding songs like “Dead end”, which has the Godly harmonies); the bass is good, but the guitars cover the sound sometimes; and Daniel’s drumming is good (epecially in “reflect the storm”, but in some songs (“Take this life” and “scream”) there’s an excess of pounding instead of the well crafted blast bleats.

    Now this may seem like a harsh review, but considering In Flames are my favourite band, I have very high expectations of them, and this is a review mainly to old-school fans. For a random band, this album would probably get 5 stars. To new fans of In Flames or melodic death metal, I’d advise you to get the first 5 albums first!

    Posted on March 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • You know, it never ceases to amaze me when people do not even know how to write a real review for a product. First of all, when you review a bands album you are suppose to give input on THAT ALBUM; not say it sucks because it is different from their last one or first one or whatever. Many In Flames fans have seemed to turn their back on the band after switching up their style really after Colony. You have to understand that musicians are artists and people. I am sure MAKING THE SAME ALBUM over and over again will get very boring to them, not to mention they would have to constantly be playing THE SAME SONGS than on tour. You cannot blame these guys for wanting to experiment with their sound and do different things. I love every album that they made from Lunar Strain to this latest release. Each one has something different about it and they all are great metal albums. Anders sounds nothing like Davis from Korn, stop being haters.

    On a side note, for all the people that really hated Soundtrack to Your Escape and called it to dumbed down or simple songs please watch them perform the whole album on their Used and Abused DVD. There is really nothing simple about that album when you watch them do it live and calling them Nu Metal is simply retarded. Come Clarity is a great mix of their older work and their newer. My personal favorite would be Our Infinite Struggle and Take this Life. I hope they keep making albums like this and the fans smarten up and realize bands do what they have to do to survive in a cut throat industry.

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  • “Come Clarity” by In Flames is being billed by some critics as a return to original form, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As one reviewer very accurately pointed out, In Flames is one of the very few metal bands that can alter their sound successfully (for the most parts) with every release. The sound on “Come Clarity” could be described as more straighforward metal, and for the most part this CD is their heaviest in a long time. I’m not going to go so far as to say that this is their best album; for me, everything really came together for In Flames on “Clayman”. However, few fans of this album would disagree that “Come Clarity” is their best since that CD.

    Regarding the songs, there are many good ones here. “Take This Life” is a very powerful opener, but it really just sets the stage for the rest of the album. “Leeches” and “Reflect The Storm” slow down the pace a little but are just as heavy, although I must say that the clean vocals on the chorus of “Reflect The Storm” didn’t appeal to me at first.

    “Dead End”, which utilizes vocals by Lisa Miskovsky paced by Anders’ screams, is really one of the most interesting songs on this album. Normally I dislike extensive female vocals in heavy songs (Arch Enemy just plain sounds weird). However, it really works on “Dead End”, and the vocals combined with the speed and heaviness of the song make it very memorable.

    “Scream” and “Vacuum” aren’t the best In Flames songs, but they’re not as bad as some reviewers have indicated. In fact, “Scream” is probably the heaviest song on the album.

    Having said all of that, I would consider the stretch from “Pacing Death’s Trail” to “Vanishing Light” to be my favorite part of “Come Clarity”. All of these songs are very good, with “Crawl Through Knives” at the top.

    Regarding guitar work, its much more solid on “Come Clarity” than on recent releases. You will find some very good solos as well as dual guitar harmonies that In Flames used to be know for (and do extremely well, mind you). Regarding the guitar harmonies, I’m not sure why more current bands don’t use this as it can really expand the complexity and power of a song.

    This is a great release by In Flames. I’m not saying that STYE an RTR were all that bad, but “Come Clarity” is their best in awhile.

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