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Come Clarity

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  • You know, it never ceases to amaze me when people do not even know how to write a real review for a product. First of all, when you review a bands album you are suppose to give input on THAT ALBUM; not say it sucks because it is different from their last one or first one or whatever. Many In Flames fans have seemed to turn their back on the band after switching up their style really after Colony. You have to understand that musicians are artists and people. I am sure MAKING THE SAME ALBUM over and over again will get very boring to them, not to mention they would have to constantly be playing THE SAME SONGS than on tour. You cannot blame these guys for wanting to experiment with their sound and do different things. I love every album that they made from Lunar Strain to this latest release. Each one has something different about it and they all are great metal albums. Anders sounds nothing like Davis from Korn, stop being haters.

    On a side note, for all the people that really hated Soundtrack to Your Escape and called it to dumbed down or simple songs please watch them perform the whole album on their Used and Abused DVD. There is really nothing simple about that album when you watch them do it live and calling them Nu Metal is simply retarded. Come Clarity is a great mix of their older work and their newer. My personal favorite would be Our Infinite Struggle and Take this Life. I hope they keep making albums like this and the fans smarten up and realize bands do what they have to do to survive in a cut throat industry.

    Posted on March 16, 2010