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Come Clarity

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  • Dylan, 18, Australia

    I first heard of this band from a friend who was always talking about them, so i finally came to listening to them 2 months ago and i was amazed. About 2 years ago i wouldn’t go near a cd that had any screaming or shouting at all [ex. Slipknot [what?? they are a good band] who got me into metal] then i heard this album and it comletely changed my perspective.[With help from my favorite band TRIVIUM [To all the haters f. uc. k off they're awesome]. Anyway to the songs:

    Take this Life – If you like this chances are you’ll love this album. 10/10

    Leeches – Don’t know about this one the drums/synths seem to override the singing. 8/10

    Reflect the Storm – I love everything about this song. Awesome vocals by Anders on this. 9/10

    Dead End – Ummm… first time i heard this i was a bit sceptical..womens vocals in metal???. But when Anders comes in it blew me away and i have to listen to it again!!! Awesome lyrics 3rd best song on album. 10/10

    Scream – Definitely the Heaviest on album. I prefer their earlier stuff when it comes to heaviness. Doesn’t work for me but still good. 6/10

    Come Clarity – The second song that blew me away. I was expecting a full acoustic song you have to hear this song if you like Reroute/STYE. Only thing that bugs me is the chorus, kinda repeatative but still 10/10

    Vacuum – Great song. Great Vocals. Great Drums. Great Guitars. 2nd Favorite song on album. 10/10

    Pacing Deaths Trail – Clayman, Colony Fans will love this song I did. 9/10

    Crawl Through Knives – My favourite song. Everything is Awesome and it is so catchy. 10/10

    Versus Terminus – See Reflect the Storm. Awesome and Catchy. 9/10

    Our Infinite Struggle – I didn’t really get into this song but its still pretty good. 7/10

    Vanishing Light – Love this song much like crawl through knives. Awesome lyrics. 10/10

    Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone – Instrumental. I thought. Very calming actually. Bedtime Story??? Wow Another surprise from this song. I love it!!! 10/10

    Overall great album 9.5/10

    If you are a true In Flames fan grab this.
    If you only like them up to Clayman grab this.
    If you like their latest works only grab this.
    If you have never heard of In Flames before grab this.

    I don’t know why people don’t like they’re last two works, Reroute and STYE….yeah, so they’re not as good but they are still 5 star albums. If you liked Clayman or Colony better Come Clarity would be more suited to you. If you no longer like the new albums including this one, perhaps it’s time you stopped listening and find a new band to listen to [at least until they change their sound like in flames did]


    Posted on March 17, 2010