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Come My Fanatics...

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  • HEAVY! That’s the best way to describe this album. My only gripe is the way the drums were recorded. This album literally has the worst drum sound I have ever heard in my life. They are barely audible at parts and sound paper-thin, not as thunderous and heavy as they should which is odd considering how great everything else sounds on this. The bass guitar rumbles and sounds perfect, the vocals sound harsh and fit perfectly, and the electric guitar sounds so perfect and menacing, though some of the guitar leads are mixed too low at times.

    But lets focus on the good! As stated before HEAVY is the best way to describe this album. There are few albums ever released that come close to this kind of heaviness. Like a razor hacking through pure audio sludge. The opening track, Return Trip, will blow you away and is easily the best track off the entire album. Featuring lyrics about burning the entire world and killing everyone (literally!) and coupled with some of the heaviest riffs ever chugged out of a guitar. Amazing. Another standout track is the ultra bizzare “Ivixor B / Phase Inducer” which is weird, atmospheric and awesome. Truth be told, all these songs are great and that’s really all that needs to be said.

    Posted on November 14, 2009