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Come What(ever) May (CD/DVD, Special Edition)

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  • Originally released last August, Corey Taylor (Slipknot) leads Stone Sour with the best Hard Rock release of 2006 called Come What(ever) May. In June 2007 they re-release the disk with 6 bonus tracks and a DVD. So let’s break it down by original disk, bonus tracks and DVD….

    The Original Disk From 2006:

    There’s no mistaking Corey Taylor’s signature Slipknot screaming on Track 6 (Reborn), but Stone Sour mostly moves far away from Slipknot’s complicated, chaotic arrangements to a more clearly sung, melodic rock sound. Make no mistake…Come What(ever) May is full of pounding Heavy Metal arrangements, but the vocals never stray into the hardcore Lamb of God I’m-the-Devil-and-I’m-pissed department. Instead you get driving music with quality singing.

    And don’t expect Nu Metal with Stone Sour…expect Hard Rock…period. I wouldn’t classify Stone Sour as “old school” Metal either (you know, like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden). I would call these guys Modern Metal. Unlike the infestation of Nu Metal bands today, the guitars are set free in Stone Sour. James Root (also from Slipknot) and Josh Rand share the 6-string duties and blister their way through the disk. Ex-Soulfly drummer Ray Mayorga impresses on the skins (Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin takes the sticks for Track 1). And Slipknot’s stage manager Shawn Economaki rocks the bass.

    There are standout tracks aplenty. Made of Scars (Track 5) is one of the best Hard Rock songs that I’ve heard in years. Track 3 (Hell & Consequences) is a close runner up. Track 9 (Socio) continues the melodic rock pattern, and Track 7 (Your God) had me singing along with its memorable “what am I supposed to do now” chorus after the first listen. Track 8 is the mainstream radio played hit Through Glass, and as I predicted in 2006, Track 4 (Sillyworld) has gotten its share of radio play in 2007 as well.

    Often times head-banging, often times straight melodic rock. Either way, Corey Taylor’s vocals are always understandable.

    The Bonus Tracks:

    Well…you know what they say about bonus tracks…if the songs weren’t included on the original release it’s because (fill in the blank). Most of the bonuses were taken from the Come What(ever) May recording sessions. The first bonus track called Suffer will greatly please Slipknot fans. The next three are fair with The Day I Let Go a bit darker than your typical Stone Sour. The last called The Frozen is a spoken word message. The surprise is a cover of Chris Isaak’s Best Of Chris Isaak Wicked Game that’s good enough for, and should get, radio-play.

    The DVD:

    The DVD is Stone Sour’s real gift to fans with this re-release. I’m actually surprised that the package wasn’t marketed as a performance DVD that includes the CD with bonus tracks (as opposed CD re-release with DVD and bonus tracks); I suspect that sales will not be as good because of this, especially among those that already own the CD.

    First the DVD gives you the (censored) promo videos for 30/30-150, Through Glass, Sillyworld and Made of Scars. Then you get treated to a live performance (uncensored) from Moscow in October 2006 that includes:

    1. 30/30-150
    2. Orchids
    3. Take a Number
    4. Reborn
    5. Your God
    6. Inhale
    7. Come What(ever) May
    8. Bother
    9. Through Glass
    10. Blotter
    11. Hell & Consequences
    12. Get Inside

    It’s an excellent show where the boys must have huddled prior to going on and agreed to try to be as true to the studio versions as possible, because the songs sound great. The negatives to the DVD are that the picture is full screen and not up to today’s widescreen, HD standards, and the only audio option is stereo…no Dolby 5.1 or DTS.

    So the re-release of Come What(ever) May should certainly now be the first choice over the original release Come What(ever) May for Hard Rock fans that didn’t buy in last year. If you already own the original CD, the price of the re-release is a lot less than a concert ticket and you get a full live performance on the DVD (without the danger from the mosh pit!!!)

    I highly recommend the Come What(ever) May re-release to all Hard Rockers.

    Posted on November 20, 2009