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  • As a certified eccentric who listens to Celia Cruz, Roy Orbison, Opera, Ricardo Arjona, and Cannibal Corpse, I tend to gravitate to whatever I feel embodies a certain feeling or mood I am after.

    This one I can appreciate as its mostly slow, crushing rythems have an apocolyptic feel to it, and at times it evokes insanely rich, vivid gore scenes and head-banging, fist pumping evil.

    The best tune is “The Edge of the Hatchet” and “Ghosts of the Undead,” “Thou Shalt Kill,” “Zombie Exectutioner,” and “Doomsday” are all top-notch as well. Really, 9 of the 10 tunes are great (didn’t care for track 7 for some reason).

    Definitly a heavy album, not as blisteringly speedy as cannibal corpse, not as technical as Death and Morbid Angel– musically it is similar to Obituary, and the vocals are terrifc– deep, pissed and unmistakenable.

    Posted on February 15, 2010