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  • chris barnes says that commandment is his favorite sfu record.
    kinda interesting… so i put it in my review.

    its not my favorite, but it is their most straighforward offering.
    as soon as you hit “play” till its over, you are pulverized with the ultra-mega death ‘n’ roll style straight to your brain. the production is pretty much what you’d expect, as are the songs… but, thats what i love about sfu: you always know that you’re gonna get some good metal, man.

    “the edge of the hatchet” is my favorite track. reminds me of a song by GHOUL for some reason? every song though has it’s own special charm. musicianship and barnes’ all sound top notch. everysingle s.m.f. is this band is pulling their weight on this release… no stragglers.

    this is, i believe, their shortest release as well; its just over 30 minutes in length. i often have to play it two times in a row because i need my fix of metal in larger quantities than the length of a seinfeld episode. but… it never overstays its welcome. chris and the boys show up, beat the poop out of you, drink all your milk, kick your dog and leave before you even know what hit you.

    i still like “13″ better though? hence, only 4 starz.

    Posted on February 16, 2010