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Complete Radio One Sessions (BBC)

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  • This is a collection of 4 separate sessions separated by many years and featuring vastly disparate lineups:

    1-4 Recorded for the John Peel show 9/13/87 Mick Harris (Vocals/Drums) – Shane Embry (Bass) – Bill Steer (Guitar) – Lee Dorian (Vocals).
    5-8 Recorded for the John Peel Show 3/8/88 Mick Harris (Drums/Vocals) – Shane Embry (Bass) – Jesse Pintado (Guitar) – Mitch Harris (Guitar) – Lee Dorian (Lead Vocals).
    9-12 Recorded for the John Peel show 8/12/1990 Mick Harris (Drums/Vocals) – Shane Embry (Bass) – Jesse Pintado (Guitar) – Mitch Harris (Guitar) – Barney Greenway (Lead Vocals).
    12-16 Recorded for the Friday Rock Show March 1996 – Danny Herrera (Drums) – Shane Embry (Bass) – Jesse Pintado (Guitar) – Barney Greenway (Vocals)

    If you are looking for classic Napalm Death (Lee Dorian, Mick Harris and Bill Steer), you’ve got it here. If you want later stuff (Barney and Mitch Harris), here it is. The later material is great and all, but there is something about that early stuff. Isn’t there? Well, now there’s more. These recordings feature alternate versions of songs we all love from the classic period. These recordings are very different. First of all, both the production and performances are sharper, quicker, and even more vicious then the recordings found on Scum and FETO. These certainly don’t supplant those recordings, but they do shed a new light on some very vital material. Absolutely essential listening!!

    Posted on March 16, 2010