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  • While I knew this was coming out, I must admit that when I saw it in the new music rack I got this sudden rush…This is a surreal listening experience…almost like watching home videos of your children when they were younger that someone else had that you didnt know existed. You will listen to this and marvel at the growth, maturity, and progression of this phenomenal band. You will come to appreciate the influence that they have had on all walks of rock n roll..not just metal. Listening to Burton on this album makes you shake you head in disbelief…you truly witness the birth of a singer in retrospect. The joy of this album are the hidden clues of the things to come. Lets fact is raw and gritty…hence the name..concrete…The lyrics are uninterpretable, soft, and you can sense Burton’s reluctance to let his melodic side shine thruough. Yet…there are clues and hints of what this band was capable of. You will listen to this album and hear A Therapy for Pain….Self Immolation previews Edgecrusher…and on and on…every song is a trip back that every true fan will be able to cling to. Those AD (after Demanufacture) FF fans will not appreciate this…The PD (pre…) will surely celebrate this release. This album should celebrate this bands accomplishments…do not use it to compare to Digimortal…if you use this to blast Digimortal then you never ever udnerstood what this band set out to do in the first place. Bravo FF…RIP…I miss you.

    Posted on December 10, 2009