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  • This album was recorded back in 1991 before Fear Factory even had a label. But it was recorded at Blackie Lawless’s recording studio, so it has quality to it. It was never released however at the time because the band left the producer who threw this album together for them, so when they signed with RoadRunner, they re-recorded most of the songs from this album. Unfortunately, although exactly half of the songs from this album were re-recorded for their official debut (Soul of a New Machine), they were never able to top the recordings on this album. It’s bone-crunching in every way you can imagine. Nearly all of the songs were later re-done by the band, even beyond Soul of a New Machine, but you’ll never find better versions of these songs than on this album. Bone-crunching, loud, heavy, death metal from Fear Factory, if it wasn’t for a select few tracks from their official studio release, this would be all you need.

    Posted on December 10, 2009