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  • The dark, nihilistic world of Fear Factory started with this ugly yet promising album of demersal. From “Big God/Raped Souls” to “Ulceration”, you’ll love this hard-hitting 16-track demo. This was never released because this was only directed to Roadrunner Records, a former extreme music label which supports the reformed FF, Slipknot, and Nickelback. “Self Immolation” has a lot of pained screams in them — half of them reach or extend the ungodly, inhuman level. The producer is Ross Robinson, best known for producing the 2nd and 3rd Slipknot (Slipknot and “Iowa”) album respectively, and Korn’s self-titled debut. Wanna know what he applied to songs like “Blind” or “My Plague”? Listen to “SufferAge” (the best track on this album), “Soulwomb” and “Echoes Of Innocence”. Half the songs would get recorded on “Soul of A New Machine”, or reborn as new songs, for example, “Soulwomb” = “Soulwound” (Obsolete), and “Echoes of Innocence” = “A Therapy For Pain” (Demanufacture). Dino Cazares, former guitarist, now with Tony Campos of Static-X’s side band, Asenino, says the album only cost 5 grand to make, and he played both bass and guitars after the vocals and drums recorded — yes, it was a cheat, but a very smart one — so the album has a 10,000 dollar feel. Concrete proves it is better than Soul. If you’re a true FF fan, pre-Obsolete or post-Obsolete, you MUST get this album!

    Posted on December 10, 2009