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Congregation of the Damned

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  • Such a great deal for 4 bucks. Anyway, this CD combines the old Atreyu with the Lead Sails Paper Anchor sound that people either loved or hated. I was part of the group that really liked it and this is even better. There’s a lot more screaming here than on Lead Sails and also a lot more solos. The solos on this album are awesome. Especially the ones on Insatiable & Storm to Pass. Like always, the choruses are catchy as hell on almost every song and will be stuck in your head after a couple listens. The last song, Wait For You, is the only ballad on here and does sound like its right off of Lead Sails. But that is an amazing song. You’d think it would be really corny with the piano and sappy lyrics but they pull it off really well and it’s one of my favorite songs of theirs now. The melody of almost every song is great. There are also a ton of infectious riffs and licks scattered all over the record. Ravenous, for example, starts off with a nice fast riff before Alex starts growling the verse. Gallows is another one that starts off with an excellent guitar part.

    On the whole, this album is easily one of their best in my opinion. It has the screaming, the growling, & the clean vocals that please everyone. I think there’s something for all types of Atreyu fans.

    Posted on December 7, 2009