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Congregation of the Damned

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  • First off, I have been a fan of Atreyu since “the Curse” was first released. I don’t do this often but I was in a Target store looking at the new releases, I was intrigued by the album cover, vampire theme, roman numerals for track listing and the song titles. I saw the last song “Five Vicodin chased with a shot of clarity” and all those factors led me to buy the album, without even hearing it. Now this could have been a big mistake, but instead Atreyu became one of my favorite bands, ever. I got suicide notes and story goes on from there.

    To all you that want it all to be back to the way it was, you are not going to find it. You see honest musicians have two bosses. The first is their corporate label (if they have one) trying to get a certain sound to sell more records. The second boss is the fans, and most of them want to be fed what they want, with no regards to the musicians themselves. Then of course Atreyu needs to do what they want to do. They got by fine with Deathgrip and then Lead Sails came around. I knew in advance it would not be the same, but it was still the same writers writing the songs. With the exception of a few tracks, I found it to be a decent album, not the best.

    Now to Congregation of the Damned: This record does sound like every other record combined and mixed up and then given the full force of their writing talent. It’s amazing, new fans who started on Lead Sails will be blown away for sure. I got it tuesday morning and that is the only cd in my stereo. It is a great cd. This one sounds like it should have come bfore Lead Sails, and then Lead Sails would be made better because of the musical growth.

    Anyway get it.

    To all you new “Lead Sails” Fans (lol) please buy the earlier cds. Please

    Posted on December 7, 2009