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  • Soulfly do not disappoint and evolve stronger than ever on this disc. This disc is not unlike previous releases but has a stronger Metal element. Straight forward tracks of Riffs that crawl under your skin. Max does not do anything particularly ‘new’ but there is a renewed energy on this disc that takes over where ‘Dark Ages’ started. There are more ‘Sepultura’ sounding tracks as well. Especially on ‘Warmageddon’ and ‘Blood,Fire,War,Hate’ which has a very reminiscent sound of ‘Remains’ era Sepultura.

    There are guitar solos on this that are very good and fit songs appropriately. There are definitely More Thrashed out moments and it is very bottom heavy Produced making it sound thicker. This works well with the down-tuned guitars. As stated previously, nothing out of the ordinary musically but its executed tightly and with a no holds barred approach.

    ‘Doom’, ‘Unleash’, ‘Blood, Fire, War, Hate’ and ‘Enemy Ghost’ absolutely kill and are in the same league as anything ‘Lamb of God’ does but has that Max inflicted flavor. ‘Paranoia’ is a killer mid paced number. ‘Touching the Void’ has a real slow-creeper sound reminiscent of Soulfly meets Sabbath. Well done but could have been edited down a little at the end. And ‘For Those About To Rot’ is a decent track with a touch of Brazilian/Tribal flavor.

    Those are my favorites, but other tracks hold well. People who like the Roots and Remains era of Sepultura will definitely enjoy this over older Soulfly discs. Max Cavelera seems to be coming full circle with the thrash metal stylings of old at this point. Brutal.

    That said, those who liked Soulfly’s debut and more nu-metal approach wont enjoy this as much. But doubt many will admit to liking that era anyway. There aren’t nearly as many skip-able tracks as there were on ‘Prophecy’ and ‘III’.

    I would totally skip the ‘Soulfly VI’ track at the end. It is a terrible way to end the album. Instrumental and does not fit in the context as the rest of the disc. I understand trying to stick in something different, but it is unwarranted.

    Cavalera Conspiracy and veteran Sepultura fans should have this though. Really they all go together anyway. It is Heavy as hell. Just don’t expect anything earth-shattering or new and you wont be disappointed. Also, be sure to listen more than once.

    Posted on March 17, 2010