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Considered Dead/The Erosion of Sanity

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  • You have got to really enjoy what roadrunner records has done for old school death metal. the “two from the vault” collections are just great. with the likes of Obituary, King Diamond, and Pestilence being put out in this series, finally, Gorguts gets one. “Considered Dead/Erosion of Sanity.” The names of two of death metals finer products. Both albums are packed onto one CD, complimented with liner notes by Deron Miller (cky guitarist/qualified metal listener) the liner notes are very descriptive, and give you a bit of history about the band, what happened to them, and whats going on now.
    The first album “Considered Dead” starts off with an acoustical piece, which is a good start, but dont be fooled Mr. Dave Mathews fan, track two spins the CD in an entirely new direction. Pure Death metal. better yet, death metal done right! Considered Dead is a very well rounded record. honestly, i think that if you show this record to new listeners of the metal genere, who dont know much bout old school death metal, they will surely like this record. did i mention that the cover art is awesome?
    “THe Erosion Of SAnity” is…very very different from Considered Dead. The songs arnt as simple, and, yes, it is still good, but no way is it like a traditional metal release. you actually have to listen to this album, in order to actually hear it. unlike Considered Dead, this album doesnt just pop up and sound amazing. it just sounds…????? but, after a few listens, you will surely get the feel of the album ,and realize its quite a piece of work.
    These are two very good metal releases, and i reccomend that anyone with an open mind to death metal, should pick this up immdeiately. Peace.

    Posted on January 23, 2010