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Considered Dead/The Erosion of Sanity

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  • 5 stars for this becuase of the musicianship, catchiness, talent, intelligence and time put into both recordings (not to mention how amazing the music is). death metal at it’s best. 2 amazing records put onto one disc with the linear notes of Deron Miller from cKy. both CDs are out of print, thanks roadrunner for dropping such a great band. roadrunner made a huge mistake around ‘96. dropping so many good influential metal bands and signing such trash such as slipknot, nickelback and 36 crazy fists. what were they thinking? whatever… first CD is Considered Dead. ‘91 it was released and never got the recognition it deserved. second half of the CD is The Erosion Of Sanity. one of the GREATEST death metal, no, any kind of record ever written. The Erosion of Sanity pulls away from typical death metal lyrics about satan, death, gore, and blasphemy. sure, they’re called GORGUTS, but don’t let that fool you. this band stands out from ever death metal band i have ever heard. a must have for any fan of REAL music.

    Posted on January 23, 2010