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Consign to Oblivion

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  • For too long in the US we have been deprived of great metal in the mainstream. There have been many attempts to commercialize rock but all fall short of something special. With the exception of bands that have braved the past 20 years, like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, most of the newer bands just dont validate metal as it’s own genre anymore! I’m sorry but bands like Evenesence and Linkin Park dont even come close to what metal is really about!

    Enter EPICA…

    This band from the Netherlands succeeds in bringing that heavy feeling back to us! And as a bonus, the lead vocalist, Simone Simons has one hell of a voice! If you like Nightwish, then you’ll LOVE Epica! Consign to Oblivion is a very well written album with many dynamics indeed! Epica’s founder and guitarist Mark Jansen also lends some great vocals as well in the vain of bands like Death, Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, and the like.

    This band is a great mix of Symphonic, Gothic, Thrash, Death, and balls out Heavy Metal!

    And if you’re in the Atlanta area, they will be having their American debut on stage at this years ProgPower USA!

    Definately check out this band and join the revolution to bring metal back to the forefront of the music industry where it belongs!

    Check out more info about Epica at

    Posted on December 27, 2009