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  • This is for me the best KD release. This album marks a milestone in the KD’s career. Here they committed to a more progressive and innovative sound (listen for example the tempo changes in “At The Graves”, or the dynamics in “Sleepless nights”) and finally succeeded in creating a metal masterpiece! So, they arrived with a second part of “Them” that is musically superior, but still heavy, aggressive, and full of mystery and power. I see this CD like one of the most elaborated rock concept albums of all times, in spite of its cover. The cover, well… this is the only think that I don’t like of it – Actually, I didn’t purchase it before because of that King Diamond ugly face showing the tongue: what at ridiculous stuff, man! However, this is a five stars album from head to tail. Please forget the cover and listen to the music: The drummer does a superb job, decorating each piece with a burst of beats that go there where they should go. Guitars keep being dark and scary, but the neoclassic touches on LaRocque’s phrases give the soloing a breath of fresh air. Songwriting is great, and the bass lines are more than good… I think that I don’t even need to mention KD’s vocals: you know how this guy uses his voice and how sheer is his style!Energetic and explosive, this is an album that you must not miss if you are serious about metal music. I don’t want to say too much more: just go for it, and prepare to listen a mature and high-quality metal band at its best moment. I bet you’ll enjoy it!

    Posted on January 8, 2010