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  • For those of you who don’t know this, “Conspiracy” is the sequel to “Them.” If you have not heard “Them,” do so before you listen to “Conspiracy.” After hearing this record, I said to myself: “Hendrix who??? King Diamond is FAR BETTER!!!” For those of you who read my review on “Them,” you know that I gave it 4 stars. When I picked up “Conspiracy,” I wondered if the sequel would match the original. Within SECONDS that thought of mine was more than answered. The sequel was better! As wonderful as “Them” is, “Conspiracy” is more intense, more frightening, and more chilling.” (One time I was listening to this record on a dark cold night; my father came up to my room; when he started to open the door, I jumped from my bed, grabbed a cross, and hid in the closet!) The lyrics in these tracks almost look like they were written by the great Christopher Marlowe himself. (Organized, intense, tightly unified, terrifying, fierce saracastic humor, and the occasional badly needed release of tension.) The music is no less than the perfect symphony for this masterpiece. I said this about “Them,” and I will say it about “Conspiracy.” This is far more frightening than any horror movie I have seen (with the exception of the Frank Langella’s “Dracula” with Laurence Olivier as Abraham Von Helsing). King Diamond forgets the over blown effects and corny acting so he can deliver pure terror! CAUTION: If you are not used to this kind of music, read the lyrics in daylight before you listen to this record.

    Posted on January 8, 2010