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  • Each August burns red album seems to transcend its predecessor in creativity, sound and technicality… And Constellations is no different than the transformation between Messengers and Thrill Seeker. Infact, there is an even greater transcendence from Messengers to Constellations.

    What this album does different is variety. Messengers was a thing of beauty, Beastly breakdowns, drumming from another planet, awesome screaming vocals and twin guitar dynamos. However, every song followed almost the same style.

    Here there is something unique about every song that will have you stop, smile and say to yourself “Wow, what an unbelievable band..” Instead of using the same breakdown riff in each song and messing around with it just slightly (Messengers), they have incorporated another aspect to each breakdown, something unique making the whole feel of the breakdown so much more memorable and in turn, more brutal.The production value is… Different than Messengers, and i personally liked messengers mix better, but this still sounds fantastic, and crystal sharp.

    Stand out Tracks: (Every Single One)
    1. Thirty and Seven – What a unique initial breakdown! stand out performance by matt on the drums and some nice melodic passages, but also very brutal! Intense lyrics as well.

    Ocean of Apathy – Awesome guitar work, great layered screaming (IMPOSSIBLE, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!) and one of the best breakdowns of the album.

    Mariana’s Trench – Intro that will blow you away. Soft and melodic guitar work breaks into a brutal August riff that never fails to impress. Great song.

    Meridian – My Personal favourite of the album. Almost entirely an instrumental, with one passage of talking that builds into an intense scream. Reminds me alot of Underoath’s “Desolate Earth”. Fantastic!

    Rationalist – Short but sweet, fast and intricate guitar work. Awesomesong!

    Overall, the album just rocks my socks off. I didn’t predict the band experimenting with such new and unique sounds/ styles and they impressed me yet again. Any fan of Hardcore will be more than impressed with this release. Check it out!

    Posted on January 31, 2010