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August Burns Red- Fault Line Lyrics

Rescue & Restore - June 25, 2013 01. Provision 02. Treatment 03. Spirit Breaker 04. Count It All As Lost 05. Sincerity 06. Creative Captivity 07. Fault Line 08. Beauty In Tragedy 09. Animals 10. Echoes 11. The First Step We all hurt. We all need. We all cry. We all bleed. Their dreams, their desires, they consume me. The good, the bad, the ugly aren't too much to take. I've been put in this position, but now I can't bear to leave. Stand here with me. Together we'll get through this. Stand here with me, and we'll wash it all away. Without you I'm nothing. Yes, I've come to understand this. Without you I'm worthless. Yes, I've come to understand this. I've been handed my life by you. The least I can do is listen. Pull me aside, and step inside. I'll listen to your horror stories. Let this song be your motivation. Let your life be your inspiration. You can't hide your fear in this chorus forever. In this chorus FOREVER If I could do more I promise you I would, but this is your time If I could do more I promise you I would, but this is your time NOW!! Whisper your grief. Scream your sorrow. Proclaim your love. Just don't call me your hero.2x Tell me your stories. I'll lend you my ears. Tell me your horror. I'll make it disappear. I'm absorbing the impact of the young at heart. YOUNG AT HEART We all hurt. We all need. We all cry. We all bleed. We have hope.2x We all hurt. We all need. We all cry. We all bleed. We have HOPE!!



Christian Metalcore band from Lancaster U.S.A. FACEBOOK: DOWNLOAD:

August Burns Red - Messengers (Full Album) (HQ)

2007 Solid State Records 1. 0:00 - The Truth Of a Liar 2. 4:12 - Up Against the Ropes 3. 9:16 - Back Burner 4. 12:59 - The Blinding Light 5. 18:27 - Compos...

August Burns Red - "Meddler"

From the album, "Constellations," in stores and online now on Solid State Records.

August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker ||Full Album||

This is an album that i bought at Ottawa during a school trip :) ENJOY.



August Burns Red "Fault Line" Lyric Video

Rescue & Restore out now! Get it now: Part 2 "Spirit Breaker": Part 3 "Count It All As Lost": ht...

August Burns Red - White Washed (Official HD Live Video)

This video was filmed at the Impericon Festival III in 2013. August Burns Red merch is available at Das Live Video wurde auf dem...

31 songs in 11 minutes (August Burns Red Medley)

The credits and the copyrights appear at the end of the video The video was shot by GOPRO HERO3 Thank you Telis and Emma Bcat for your help The songs in orde...

August Burns Red - Linoleum (NOFX cover) - Live @ Punk Rock Holiday 1.4

August Burns Red performing cover of "Linoleum" from NOFX. Punk Rock Holiday 1.4 Live at Tolmin, Slovenia - 6.8.2014.