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August Burns Red (Home DVD) - Marianas Trench Live (HD)

From their new live CD/DVD. Lyrics This ship is sinking, Deeper and deeper. We've abandoned this vessel And left the captain for dead. Waves thirst for our passing. (2x) Prepare for the struggle. Prepare to engage. Our armor tight to the skin, This shield it bears His name. We are strapped to the teeth, But our swords are lodged Tightly in our throats. We are going under. We cannot swim under these conditions. We're drowning quicker and quicker. We cannot swim, we cannot swim, We can't swim under these conditions. We are drowning quicker and quicker. We cannot swim, we cannot swim Under these conditions... We have become what we have feared (We have become what we have feared) Being one with this world. We've become one with this world. Yeah! Pray for Heaven's titans to rain down, And spare us the pain. We're going under. We're going under. (2x) Under, under, under, under...


August Burns Red - White Washed (Official HD Live Video)

This video was filmed at the Impericon Festival III in 2013. August Burns Red merch is available at Das Live Video wurde auf dem...

August Burns Red - Linoleum (NOFX cover) - Live @ Punk Rock Holiday 1.4

August Burns Red performing cover of "Linoleum" from NOFX. Punk Rock Holiday 1.4 Live at Tolmin, Slovenia - 6.8.2014.

31 songs in 11 minutes (August Burns Red Medley)

The credits and the copyrights appear at the end of the video The video was shot by GOPRO HERO3 Thank you Telis and Emma Bcat for your help The songs in orde...

AUGUST BURNS RED - Behind The INK with Jake Luhrs //

August Burns Red - Interview w/ Jake und Matt August Burns Red - Behind The Ink w/ Dustin Davidson http://www.yout...

August Burns Red - Carpe Diem (Official HD Live Video)


August Burns Red Interview #3 Jake Luhrs South By So What 2014

Checkout my backstage interview with August Burns Red lead singer Jake Luhrs at South By So What 2014 For more information on this band, check them out on Fa...

August Burns Red - "Mariana's Trench" (MATT GREINER DRUM VIEW) LIVE

Download: This is a live performance of August Burns Red's "Mariana's Trench" focusing only on their dr...

August Burns Red - Meddler - live at Wacken Open Air 2014

August Burns Red with their performance of Meddler live at the Party Stage at Wacken Open Air.

Zildjian On The Record - Matt Greiner of August Burns Red on Rescue and Restore - Playthrough

Zildjian announces the new video series "On The Record." Many drummers wanted to know what cymbals artists play in the studio, and this new series gives you ...