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August Burns Red | Animals (Guitar Cover)

Ray Kassam, 14 years old. - - Hey guys, this song, "Animals" is off August Burns Red's new album "Rescue and Restore" that just came out today. I really love this album, and this song in particular. Also, this is my first video using my new camcorder. It's a Sony HDR CX220 B, you can probably tell by the quality change. I learned this song by ear, I used Audacity to slow down some of the faster runs, and to pan left or right to hear each individual guitar track. I really hope this video doesn't get blocked like my Fault Line cover did. I had to change the pitch of one part of the song cause of copywrite stuff, and the end looks weird cause i had to cut it out early, but whatever. -Esp Ltd Ec-1000 -Line 6 Ux2 -Pod Farm -Reaper -Jazz III pick -Sony HDR CX220 B -Sony Vegas Pro -Adobe After Effects COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: All content in this video is solely the property of August Burns Red and is NOT intended to surpass any copyright law. It is being used for leisure only. Therefore, a dispute claimed by YouTube on this video should not occur.


August Burns Red - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Christmas has arrived early in 2013, ABR has done it again. It's only a dollar, just buy it. Or buy their entire epic Christmas Album

AUGUST BURNS RED - Behind The INK with Jake Luhrs //

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August Burns Red - White Washed (Official HD Live Video)

This video was filmed at the Impericon Festival III in 2013. August Burns Red merch is available at Das Live Video wurde auf dem...

Zildjian On The Record - Matt Greiner of August Burns Red on Rescue and Restore - Playthrough

Zildjian announces the new video series "On The Record." Many drummers wanted to know what cymbals artists play in the studio, and this new series gives you ...

August Burns Red - (Live at Amnesia Rockfest)

Montebello Marina, June 20th 2014,

August Burns Red - "Treatment"

From the new album Rescue & Restore ! Get it now: Check out and like my metalcore band :)

August Burns Red - In Studio Drum Blog

August Burns Red in studio blog- out June 25th- Pre-Order or iTunes

August Burns Red - "Mariana's Trench" (MATT GREINER DRUM VIEW) LIVE

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