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Consuming Impulse/Testimony of the Ancients

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  • I honestly didn’t know what to review for this since the reviewer below already did a better job and couldn’t have said it any better but I’ll try my best. Both these albums from Pestilence as you may know are classics and are true death metal masterpieces, Pestilence’s music is a combination of death and faster speed and thrash style riffs. It was released during the time period of the early 90’s when more influential death metal bands started arriving, I’m glad that roadrunner dicided to release these two awesome cds from their vaults and its like getting two albums for the price of one so its a bargain. Inside the cover you’ll find some liner notes telling you about the history of this prolific band from Holland (O.k. I wouldn’t exactely say prolific since they only had a few albums released!).

    The first album Consuming Impulse is my favorite of the two mainly because it sounds more raw and aggressive it’s as if each track is trying to prove something and its unrelentless brutality creates an amazing wall of sound. The whole album is flawless and to me it seems difficult to choose a favorite track but I have to say that Suspended Animation was great and they incorporated a synthesizer during the middle to make it sound more wierd and evil as if it was a gothic horror film, it doesn’t sound cheesy infact it helps the song sound better as the riff later uses the same sound as the synth to make an awesome headbanging track. Another highlight would be Chronic Infection and Out of the body which flow together very well and is very atmospheric. The singers vocals sound very twisted like a tortured soul and he sounds almost like John Tardy from Obituary so he sounds inhuman as he starts growling DEIFY THY MASTEEEERRRRRRR!!!!! yeah this is an album that has definitely stood out among the rest of the death metal groups and you will hear this immediately upon first listen that it was ahead of it’s time so its very essential and heavy as hell.

    Testimony Of The Ancients was slightly different as it has a more clear production, the band couldn’t move into a more brutal level so they searched to gain in intensity rather than in brutality. They came up with the lyrical contents that include H.P. Lovecraft and a sci/fi concept which was very clever instead of the usual death and gore type lyrics that death metal is usualy known for. Each track cuts with an interlude this is usaualy a wierd sound effect, the songs have a classical and jazz influence to them but still sound as brutal as the first album, for me the highlight of the album was Prophetic Revelations with its slow and sludgier sounding riff in the beginning of the song which sounds like a grinding machine I loved it infact this whole album is pure brilliance with lots of wailing guitar solos, the other great songs are Stigmatized (which will make your neck snap from all that headbanging), Twisted truth, Lost souls, Land of tears and Testimony. What else can I say YOU NEED TO GET THESE TWO ALBUMS FROM PESTILENCE NOW! STOP READING THIS REVIEW!.

    Posted on November 25, 2009