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  • If you’re like me and felt a little ripped off when listening to “Dead Walk” or “3750″, then I can empathize. To much filler, not enough killer.

    My favorite release from these guys was there debut “…And Life is Very Long”. If you haven’t had the pleasure, then pleasure yourself with it soon!
    “Continent” is the best release since their 1st CD. Full of mid-paced chaos. I like the snippet of Meshuggah they have incorperated into their sound. It seems they have set the bar on slowcore, and I’ve heard many bands trying to do this, but they are unoriginal and boring. The Acacia Strain really take it up a notch and kick a** with “Continent”.

    Buy this CD if you think you like Metalcore. The weak shall fall away and The Acacia Strain will be standing above the dying with their bloodied swords in hand.

    Posted on December 4, 2009