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  • During the thrash metal/hardcore punk explosion of the 80’s, playing as fast as you could was a number one priority on most bands’ agendas. L.A.’s CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER pushed the speed envelope with the release of their debut, “Convicted” in 1986, signaling what many consider the birth of the “grindcore” subgenre (NAPALM DEATH practically defined that genre). Though sloppy in many places and with a thin sounding guitar, the band won legions of fans for their extreme speed and socio-political lyrics (another standard of punk bands in the Reagan era). This is very far removed from the catchy pop punk of BLINK 182, and even the unbridled fury of SLAYER and it’s not an easy album to listen if you are not a fan of extreme music, but the conviction and sheer power of the music herein are worth the listen.

    Posted on November 16, 2009