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  • A long time ago, in dark aeons of 1986, Cryptic Slaughter become the first truly extreme band i ever heard. There were Venom, SOD, Slayer, Metallica and Celtic Frost. And no Napalm Death records was released yet. “Convicted” was a real shock to the sound system. It was 100 times more intense, frenetic and angry than anyone else.
    And now, 18 years later, it’s still sounds fresh and exciting! Their next LP “Money Talks” offered a slightly better songwriting, but now “Money Talks” sounds a little too outdated. “Convicted” stood the test of time more effectively. This classic hardcore album still able to devastate any speakers with most impressive wall of sound since Discharge’s “Why”.
    All thumbs up!
    P.S. Also i can recommend 3rd Cryptic Slaughter album “Stream Of Consciousness” – it’s the really great piece of raw hardcore action. Unfortunately, it now very difficult to find, ’cause it out of print for about ten years.

    Posted on November 16, 2009