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Corporate America

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  • Why is it that after almost thirty years of being a stubborn, non-inclusive musical dictator, whose uncompromising pursuit of unique harmony and melody resulted in two masterpieces, Scholtz has suddenly decided to be a team player? Moreover, a team player that has given up way too much creative control (or lost control). There is exactly ONE song on this CD that sounds like a natural, modern progression of the Boston sound: I Had a Good Time. The rest of the CD is someone else’s music.

    Underneath all of the miscellaneous goop on the CD is the real Tom Scholtz trying to be heard. Maybe he has been taken hostage? Or maybe he has been drugged and brain-washed? Or maybe……just maybe….he actually NEEDS THE REST OF THE ORIGINAL BAND !!!!

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a great deal of respect for Scholtz’s past achievements. It is his original technical manipulation of sound and his musical formula that made most of us Boston fans for life. However, if Scholtz is going to totally ignore these two important and defining elements, then he has placed himself back into the ranks of the average and the un-noticeable. A conductor isn’t worth much without his orchestra, and let’s face it: Tom has driven off most of his orchestra over the years. Maybe he should have given the original members of Boston as much creative input as he has with his current group of employees.

    I read a recent interview in which Scholtz stated that he really fought the instinct to create songs in the same way as he did in the past. BAD IDEA ! Tom, GO WITH YOUR INSTINCTS !

    I’ll bet if Barry Goudreau was involved today, many of us wouldn’t be bad mouthing the last two Boston projects. In fact, people think Tom was the mastermind behind the first two albums. However, the Don’t Look Back album contains more Goudreau influence than Scholtz. Scholtz himself gives credit to Barry for coming up with the intros and leads for Don’t Look Back and Long Time (two of my favorite Boston songs).

    Of course, Boston wouldn’t even be an entity today if not for the continued presence of Brad Delp (no matter how subdued his role has become). I went to a Corporate America concert two years ago, and I can assure you it wasn’t to hear Corporate America. I wanted to hear old Boston tunes played by Scholtz and sung by Delp.

    Bottom line, repair some broken bridges, Tom, and make a REAL MODERN VERSION OF A BOSTON CD. For examples of how to do this, listen to Barry Goudreau / Brad Delp albums from the past : RTZ, Orion The Hunter, Barry Goudreau’s solo album.

    Please, Tom, STOP THE MADNESS !! We are all getting too old to wait for the real deal. Poor sales are a result of a disappointed fan base consisting of older / wiser adults, not bad marketing.


    P.P.S Stop trying to phase out Brad. He’s all that remains between you and obscurity.

    Posted on February 27, 2010